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Your skills are more than meaningful in the industry of today. We are here to help you advance your career straight into the top European companies, groundbreaking projects & promising startups. Use our experience & know-how to find a fulfilling job.

Currently, 250 companies work with us, among them:

Currently, 250 companies work with us, among them:

Since 2007 on the market|250 clients|1000 recruitments a year|200 talents a month|16 000 hours every month|From start-up's to enterprises

Show us your talent!

Our clients are constantly seeking for new solutions. Our job is to find people who can drive the change in their organizations.

Below you will find a short list of most wanted skills. Sound like you may fit in?

  • DevOps, BigData, Data Science, AI, Blockchain, Cyber Security.
  • front-end (React, Angular, JavaScript)
  • back-end (Java Developer, .NET Developer, C++ Developer, PHP Developer),
  • mobile (iOS, Android).

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At mindworkers we put development of your talent first. That’s why we want to understand your needs & support you throughout our cooperation.

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We know the IT industry from the first line of code

Being a part of MindBox group gives us real insights into how the IT works. Everyday, we are challenged by the industry, yet we know the expectations of our Clients. This part of our experience allows us to identify talents & match their skills with ambitious projects.

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